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After sales service

After sales service


After-sales service details

Guangzhou Panyu Zhunsheng Electronic Factory

1. The warranty period of this product is effective from the date of purchase, and the date is subject to the machine barcode label, warranty card barcode, and delivery record date.

2. Please keep the machine warranty card and machine barcode number properly. The product you are repairing must be accompanied by the product warranty card. If you cannot provide a valid warranty card, it will be handled according to the paid warranty. The company also has the right to refuse to provide you with warranty service.

3. From the date of purchase of our company's products, if the products belonging to the warranty product range have quality problems (except human factors and force majeure factors), the purchased products will enjoy a one-year warranty period (except for broadcast speakers); the appearance is intact Under non-destructive conditions, the equipment will be replaced for three months with a one-year warranty; the radio speakers will provide accessories within six months, and all radio speakers will not be returned.

4. After receiving the products of our company, if the customer finds that the products are damaged due to the carelessness of the shipping company, our company will assist the customer to pursue the responsibility of the local shipping company in our company with the cooperation of the customer.

5. During the warranty period, if the user cannot be used normally due to a fault, the customer first submits an application for return or repair. After receiving the customer's application, the regional manager will immediately submit the application to the technical department for review, and the technical department will confirm the need. After returning to the factory for repair or replacement, after approval, the regional manager informs the customer to return the related products to the factory. If you want to return to the factory for repair or return, the customer must use a qualified original packaging carton (in special cases, please choose a complete similar size carton, and pay attention to protective measures during packaging). The cost of materials incurred is borne by the customer.

6. During the warranty period (except for human factors and force majeure factors), the company shall bear the transportation costs for returning to the factory, and the customers shall bear the transportation costs when returning. The repair and return shipping costs for products outside the warranty period will be borne by the shipper. The company will not charge the shipper for repairs without replacing the motherboard, chassis, speaker unit, LCD screen, power supply transformer period, and network version. Expenses and testing costs; if product parts need to be replaced, the company will charge the cost of parts and components at market prices.

7. If the equipment needs to be refurbished, the refurbishment cost and packaging cost shall be borne by the customer unilaterally.

8. After receiving the customer's repair product, our company will timely inform the customer of the cause of the failure and the repair time. After receiving the repaired goods, we will ship the product to the customer within 5 working days and inform the customer.

9. Party B agrees to set up the exhibition room for the samples in Party A to be replaced regularly [one year]. The exhibits company that is more than one year will not return or exchange in principle. If the customer really needs to return, the company will return the depreciation according to the sample period. Party B payment.

X. All our products are repair service, do not provide on-site service, meanwhile, all the warranty products are uniformly shipped by the reminder: express delivery is strictly prohibited. If the express delivery is made, the freight will be directly charged by the user. For the goods, if there is no shipping fee, we will send it to you directly. Our company will not accept all the repaired goods, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

XI: Principles of delivery yard 1): Debang Logistics (Heilenburg Creative Industry Park, Panyu District, Guangzhou; 2) Huasheng Logistics Park, North Longmei Village, Panyu Avenue; 3) Freight yard within the bridge area of ​​Panyu City

Twelve: If you encounter technical questions or product quality problems, please call our company's technical hotline: 13928716323

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Guangzhou Panyu Zhunsheng Electronic Factory

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